Service Level Agreement

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Disclaimers and Warranties

If any of our customer/visitor or user wants to file a SLA dispute or claim then he must open a support ticket for it, additionally you need to provide all the relevant information in the ticket to support the claim. In case the information is not sufficient or is not supporting your claim we will cancel it. Network downtime will be counted only when the network is 100% unavailable for the customers, which does not include scheduled maintenance downtime. Also we do not guarantee 99.9% uptime for any software or service which have been running via client’s server and nor for any hardware with in it. We will not entertain those clients for SLA claims who are currently in arrears for services and also those who are involved in any malicious activities which is also the violation of our AUP.

Network Availability

We ensure our customers 99.9% uptime network accessibility per year excluding scheduled maintenance days and emergency issues. In case there is 100 percent packet loss from our server providers then the network will be considered unavailable. If for some reason there is a down time for more than 1hr within 24hrs then you will be credited with 1 day credit against inconvenience caused. If in any case your website is unavailable you can contact us anytime at “Email ID” or you can open a ticket from our support or contact us page.

Anonymous Offshore Host is completely not liable for any claims, suits, losses, actions or proceedings which result (a) third party accessing data of customers or from the customers or assigned computers; (b) breach of security (c) service denial attacks (d) traffic interception (d) performance failure like interruptions, errors, omissions, files deletion, mistakes, defects, operational delays and massive spam issue (e) effectiveness of service like completeness and accuracy (f) fraud committed by third party via phishing sites (g) loss of access to your data or completely or partially loss of data.

Anonymous Offshore Host’s liability is applied on its affiliates, employees, officers, suppliers, agents, contractors, and representatives equally.

Server Hardware Replacement

Anonymous offshore ensure their customers to swap any faulty or failed server provided by us without any extra cost within 24hrs after the discovery of exact problem. If the department takes more than 24hrs to fix the issue then do not hesitate to raise your query via email, livechat and phone support.