Security Solutions

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Anonymous Offshore Hosting became famous mostly because of our unique and secure anonymous offshore solutions. Security is what we do best, and we proudly provide our services in very affordable and competitive ways. If you are looking for top security in all of your online endeavors, you are in good hands. Our unique tools ensure your security, anonymity and best of all, overall satisfaction.
Our security solutions include 2 major aspects for your online activity: Web Security which will include SSL certificates and DNS Camouflage, and the second aspect is your browsing activity.You can stay off of the radar without using a local IP and make sure you content is protected. A combination of our VPN service with remote services will be the perfect solution for you.


Starting at $19.99/yr.

Protect your data and your identity. You must make sure your site is SSL protected.Our SSL certificates will build your trust for your website among your customers.


Starting at $39.99/yr

Unique service from Be super anonymous and hide your DNS. Using advanced DNS technology, we will camouflage your DNS and mislead you competitors.


Starting at $19.99/mo.

For ultimate privacy and anonymity, we offer more than 20,000 IP’s, from more then 700 servers in more then 40 countries world wide!


Starting at $49.99/mo.

Need your own desktop located remotely offshore? We are offering the newest, most protective offshore servers equipped with Windows 7. This is 100% anonymous and protected.


Starting at $9.99/mo.

Need to protect your valuable data somewhere offshore and stay out of reach? We will backup your storage in an anonymous server offshore. Your data will be backed up, safe and secure!