Why is Offshore Web Hosting Attractive Option?

We have been hearing of onshore and offshore web hosting. What is the difference between the two? In case it is the onshore hosting, the web server is physically located in the country where you are living. With onshore web hosting, you cannot host a website that will be displaying illegal content or the content that is restricted within your company. Now let’s move on to the offshore hosting. This is the type of web host that is physically located in another country. This type of hosting will allow you to display whatever content you want, which you would not be able to display otherwise.


If you are looking forward to hiring offshore web hosting service, here are some of the features which you must keep in mind:

Use firewall

Make sure the provider is using firewall so that no unauthorized access can create hurdles in the privacy of your web server. This is the first line of defense to keep your website secure. Although the provider will ensure that your information is not leaked but you still need to be sure about having a firewall.

Offshore Web Hosting


Make sure that the cPanel is updated. If the cPanel is not up to date, then you will always be worried about the security. You must look for the automatic update feature in the cPanel.

Regular password change

The host should be offering you the facility for changing the password regularly. In this way, the hackers will never be able to hack your password. It is important that you choose a password that is not easy to guess.

Why offshore?

There are some reasons why businesses choose offshore hosting. The foremost one is privacy. If you are looking forward to preserve your identity, or protect it from the hackers, going offshore is recommended. Somegovernmentwebsites need to keep their informationsecure and for that they are in search of a solution that can provide them security and freedom. With offshore hosting, you are going to get a layer of protection that was not possible otherwise.

Is it meant for everyone?

One important thing to note here is that offshore hosting is not meant for everyone. You might find a package of your choice from the host company within your country so your first preference should be to choose a host within your country. Offshore means that the data center of the company will not be located within your country. There might come problems in your website such as difficulty in the loading of pages, or even delay in technical support or miscommunication. All such problems will lead you to trouble so you must not hire the offshore company without being sure about its authenticity. If you know you have hired the right company, it won’t be a big deal for you to get the best services.

The offshore host will provide you anonymous hosting services too. Your domain name will be kept secure along with other information. Nobody will be able to trace the origin of your website in any case.

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