Offshore Company Formation

Incorporate offshore – Our rates are affordable

Incorporating your company offshore can be a winning key to your online company success. While most people look for 0% tax for many other users, the main reasons is privacy. In the following points we will explain the offshore advantages.

Tax and Anonymity Advantages for Online Businesses

1. You can enjoy low tax payments – as low as 0 percent in countries like Belize, Bahamas, etc.

2. Stay anonymous – most offshore jurisdictions do not publish the share holders / director names.

3. You can own a property anywhere in the world using your offshore anonymous company.

4. Use it to payless taxes in your own country. With smart strategy, you can “build” the right structure to avoid paying high taxes in your home country in a legal way.

5. Minimum administration – most offshore jurisdictions do not require this documentation for annual files, accounting reports, etc. which means less hassle for you.

6. Confidentiality – most offshore jurisdictions will keep your information private and will not share any information, unless there is a legal law suit.

7. Low cost – formation of an offshore company can start with $500 with very little, if any, in ongoing maintenance fees.


Anonymous Offshore offers an affordable company formation. We are offering company formation in the most desired locations for your online business. Be sure to contact us so we can help you with your business.