Offshore Banking

Great offshore banking solutions – at a minimum cost:

Banking location can me a major decision for any online business. Whether you work with Paypal, process credit cards, or even working with Bitcoin, the location of the bank can be a winning card. Here are some advantages of Offshore Banking:

1. Avoid high tax payments – Plan your online business structure offshore to avoid high tax payments

2. High privacy – Some jurisdictions will respect your privacy and will not share any information unless requested by the courts.

3. Multi-currency – If you do not want to pay conversion fees for every settlement, get an account that accepts your currency.

4. Stay flexible – Want to work with Bitcoin or have irregular use of your account? Offshore companies are more flexible towards their customers.

5. Less Administration – It’s easy to open and maintain an account offshore. Sometimes it’s easier than opening an account in your home country.

There are many more advantages for offshore banking. If you are looking for an offshore solution to your online business, then feel free to contact us. We can consult with you to help increasing your online business privacy and efficiency.