Importance of Keywords in Domain Name

Keywords matter a lot in today’s world of internet marketing. It is not just the headings and content that requires keywords, you have to insert them into the domain name too.

It has been years since the SEO and the search marketers have been purchasing domains containing the targeted keywords for increasing the CTRs and gain improved ranking search engines like Google, Yahoo and more. It is still effective to include keywords in the domain name and this is still a fruitful strategy.

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Advantages of Adding Keywords

SEO strategists are eager for purchasing the domain names which exactly match the key phrase they want to target. In case your target keyword is “buy organic skin products” then you would prefer to name your website as “”. Here are the advantages of doing this:

  • Having keyword in your domain name is going to be a ranking factor in itself
  • Presence of the keyword in the domain name has encouraged other web masters to include the website

Other Important Factors

There are other benefits of including the keyword in the domain name. It is the brand-ability factor in the domain. For every website or product, brand is an important thing and domain name is considered to be the foundation of the online brand. It is through the domain name you will find the users and then share and identify the company online. Whether it is search engines or the social media, domain name is one primary way through which the users will be capable of identifying where your link is going to lead you.

Some of the marketers think that SEO is just about using links and keywords. The truth is that search engines like brands. The thing is that brand is fundamental to the existence of the humans and it is not going to go away.

Tips for Choosing the Most Branded Domain Name

Here are some important tips through which you must consider while you are choosing the domain name:

  • .com is always the best choice and one major reason is that it is standard. No wonder why 75 percent of the websites today have the .com extension.
  • The brand name or domain should be memorable. Brand is something through which consumers perceive things about an organization. So, if you are using it in the domain name, then you are giving another option to your consumers or visitors to remember the name of the keywords or brand.
  • The domain name should always be easy to spell. If you have added misspelled words or hyphens, then you will make things confusing for your visitors and eventually they will run away from your website.
  • Keep the domain name short. It is best to have 1 to 2 words in the domain name.
  • The domain name should be unique. Don’t just make it generic, keep it unique so that you can be distinguished among other websites.

Don’t neglect the importance of adding keywords in domain. This is one of the most remarkable ways of targeting your visitors.

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