Offshore Hosting Solutions

Learn more about our secure and private shared plans: proudly offers all hosting solutions needed. From basic solutions, such as shared hosting to resellers accounts, VPS and dedicated servers – all of our services are top quality, provided with full support, and customisable to your needs.
Our offshore hosting solution will ensure your privacy remains safe. We will make sure you will stay anonymous using our offshore servers. As long as you will operate under our main guidelines, you will be able to run your hosting free of any worries. If you have any special needs, please be sure to contact us, so we can customise our plans to your needs!


Starting at $3.99/Mo.

Using our anonymous offshore shared hosting, will allow you to host your sites anonymously and freely. The amazing thing is that we do have the most competitive rates as well!


Starting at $13.99/Mo.

Be faster, stronger and most of all anonymous while staying offshore. We offer the best Offshore VPS solutions on the market. If you need managed support ,will be there to sort your VPS!


Starting at $160/Mo.

Our offshore servers are top quality, fast and anonymous while keeping your sites and data safe. We proudly provide a wide IP range, server clustering, and more unique features.


Starting at $13.99/Mo.

Host your client’s websites securely and anonymously with us. We understand our resellers’ needs and provide them with the best tools on the market. Get the best options for your needs!


Starting at $2.99/Mo.

Keep your privacy at maximum. Create an anonymous email account with us, leaving no trace behind. We will provide you with the privacy that is so hard to get these days!


Free Of Charge

Our 3-way fast support will leave you with no unanswered questions. Contact us over chat, email or phone. We are here for you, and will help you with all your needs.