Features Provided By Anonymous Hosting Services

If you do not want to disclose your identity or personal details through your website, there is definitely a way through which this can be done and it is none other than anonymous hosting. Yourwebsite or blog will be there but nobody will be able to get access to any personal information from your side. This will further save you from the hacking attacks.

It is pretty common now to get anonymous hosting services but some people are concerned about how it’s done before they actually opt for it. Look atsome way through which your identitycan be saved:

  • Yourwebsite will first be recorded for any domain that you want to register
  • You will then get your IP address through email
  • All the account details and records of the service provider will be offered

anonymous hosting

Even if you think you are anonymous, there are plenty of ways through your identify can be accessed. It can be done through payment method, tracking the Google analytics account information, email address, account records of the service provider and the IP addresses. Now there will be a question in your head that how can you stay protected from all this? The most standard way of eliminating these troubles is to register with the free blogging platform. Many of the campaigners and bloggers choose this option because this provides protection for the IP address and email.

Here are some features that you will be getting from reliable anonymous hosting:


Your domain email will be created for your website. It depends on the hosting company how many email addresses you can create


You can fetch mail through the email client and you can either check mail using webmail clients installed on server or you can use the IMAP.


The hosting account works on cPanel which is the industry leading software for control panel and it is widely used by the hosting providers. It offers wide range of advance tools for the users.

24/7 Server Monitoring

You will enjoy the benefits of server monitoring. All the hardware and software issues will be treated automatically through reboot. This feature is considered to be quite significant because you have to be sure that your website is always running and there is no trouble of downtime.


The amount of space you are getting is crucial because in future ifthe hosting accounts increase, then at least you have enough space for managing all of them.

Do not forget to check the reliability of your hosting company because the kind of services that will be provided by the website directly influence the credibility and performance of a website. Nobody would like to see their website going down time after time. As you are sure of the service providers, you can choose the package which you love the most and you will have everything settled. Safe and trustworthy services always count and they are always needed by people too.

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