DNS Camouflage

Learn more about DNS Camouflage

Hiding your DNS is another major step for top security and privacy. These days, when privacy is easy to break, Anonymous-Offshore.host offers you the option to be secure and keep your privacy at maximum. Our unique DNS Camouflage service will ensure your real DNS is hidden and not available to public.

Why do I need DNS Camouflage?

Here a few of the countless reasons to protect you DNS:

1. Make your self unreachable. It will be harder to trace you and find your host when your DNS is camouflaged.

2. Prevent attacks on your site. Not knowing your DNS will hide your details from competitors and hackers.

3. Prevent competitors from copying you. Keep yourself unique in the competition and stay hidden from your competitors.

4. It is very affordable. We offer our services for only $35.

Apply now for DNS Camouflage and enjoy anonymity!