Acceptable Use Policy

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Acceptable Use Policy
Anonymous Offshore promise their customers to serve them with excellent hosting and security services with the top notch practices implemented in the industry. Our main goal is to provide our customers maximum possible up-time in network and fastest server availability. We request all our customers to read carefully and understand the acceptable use of policy (AUP), it’s the responsibility of our customers to read the AUP on regular basis as it is subjected to change anytime. (Visitors, customers, users)

Our AUP explains the actions, activities and behavior which is prohibited by the Anonymous We reserve the right to add, edit or modify the policy any time without any notice. After the accepting out AUP the use of Anonymous Offshore website will be conditional.

Abuse, Violations & Strictly Prohibited

Your account or membership can be canceled or suspended in case of breach of our network security, abusing our services or system and violation of our policies and terms. Blow you can read the examples of prohibited activities, abuse of our service and violation of terms and security with limitation:

  1. Under Legal age nudity.

User is fully responsible for any misuse of account, service or hosting although it has been performed by his/her family, friend, guest, employee or any other person.

  1. Terrorism Activities.

We do not allow any of our customer or client to use our services, servers or network to promote, publish and support terrorist activities, personal websites, forums and any audio or video tape.


Anonymous hosting customers are not permitted send massive emails either its commercial, charitable, informational or any other kind of solicitations.

  1. Hacking:

Anonymous offshore never permit any of our user to use our system and service for the purpose of hacking either it’s for testing, good or bad and/or called as ethical hacking. We do not permit the denial of service, purposeful try to overload the systems and broadcast attacks.

  1. System Resources Overload.

Our company does not allow overload on service until the performance, business and other customers are affected which include but not limited to bandwidth, CPU resources, MySQL, Memory resources and spamming via emails.

  1. Phishing.

Phishing sites are strictly prohibited at Anonymous Offshore hosting services.

  1. Virus Distribution.

Distribution of viruses or any kind of software which can harm any network or system is strictly prohibited.

Obtaining Information About Abuse Issues

The AUP policies and terms are made to ensure legal and ethical reliability of our network. Anonymous offshore is proud to provide high quality services to their customers and to maintain high standards we do not tolerate any activity which compromise the quality of our network. We appreciate all your efforts to point out the issues on our network.

What to Include in Complaints

Your complaints should include the IP address, log entries, emails address, complete header and email body of SPAM email complaints and the proof of violation of any AUP. Any complaint must include the timestamps less than 48hrs. Anonymous offshore hosting reserve the right to reject any complaint filed but he customers.

Communicating With the Abuse Department

While communicating with the abuse department all the communication should be done via emails and support tickets. Our concerned department will contact the customer by phone in order to verify the email address, as for the complaints we will be sending email the concerned person about the complaint notifications.

Copyright related Complaints

Processing any copyright related complaint will be treating according to the rules and laws of Netherlands Government. DMCA is not a regulation imposed by the Govt. of Netherlands. The website taken down notices will be entertained only when its send by the Govt. of Netherlands or court.

How Complaints are Handled

We are not rejected any complaint blindly, all the complaints sent to our abuse department will be reviewed within 24hrs of its reception. Each complaint will be individually analyzed deeply and matched with the related account details as per the account activities history. If the information is not enough for further processing then the complaint will be rejected. We try our best find out the issue before forwarding it to our client.

Reporting Network Abuse

In order to report any issue or file a complaint please contact us at